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Chris Casamassa

When an eager and enthusiastic four year old Chris Casamassa told his Dad that he wanted to start learning the Martial Arts there would be no turning back until he got his black belt… because his Dad said so and when your Dad is Lou Casamassa, founder of the hugely successful chain of Red Dragon Karate Schools, you just don’t say no. It looks like Father knows best because today Chris is well on his way to becoming one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, and his Martial Arts training has helped get him there.
“It took me six years to get my black belt and the lessons it taught me about importance of discipline, dedication and perseverance have stayed with me,” recalls Chris, who has applied these principles to his acting career. The co-star of "Mortal Kombat" (“Scorpion”) and "W.M.A.C. Masters" (“Red Dragon”) holds no hard feelings against his Dad for his tough love approach, quite to the contrary as Chris quickly identifies his father as his number one influence. Chris also mentions the legendary Bruce Lee and Black Belt hall of Fame member Pat Johnson, and instructor Steve Fisher as his other biggest influences.

Chris’ focus, dedication and passion with the arts have helped him successfully land roles in dozens of feature films and Television shows including Threshold entertainments “Mortal Kombat” Franchise “Batman & Robin”,(as George Clooney’s double) “Blade”, VIP with Pamela Anderson, and Walker Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris. Chris recently appeared on the “Fran Drescher Show” in a segment to help women defend themselves from attack.

Of course, Chris is much more than an actor, he is also the President and Chief Instructor for the 15 Red Dragon Karate Schools in southern California. The 2,000 Red Dragon students are learning from one of the best, during his career as a national tournament competitor Chris won every major martial arts tournament on the pro N.A.S.K.A. tour (North American Sport Karate Association) in addition he has received dozens of awards from State and local governments for his charitable contributions and has also been inducted into the A.K.K.F. Hall of Fame as both the “Competitor of the year” and the “Instructor of the Year.”

His two most recent projects include helping kids across America get fit and healthy. KICKNFIT KIDS there are now over 85 licensed KICKNFIT locations across the U.S. Designed just for kids-The program is a 30-minute high energy circuit-training workout consisting of fun martial art movie style moves, Yoga & kickboxing drills that work every major muscle group needed to burn fat and build healthy muscle.

In addition, Chris is set to be the host for a new Martial Arts reality show called “The Fight Scene” which will air on BLACK BELT TV.  For more info on the show and America’s only 24 hour martial arts channel, visit

Chris has some wise words for those that wish to follow in his footsteps which are rooted in his Martial Arts training, “Remember in Film and Television you may hear a 1,000 people say no, but it only takes one yes to make it happen.” Never give up and always follow your dreams.





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