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Greg Silva

Greg Silva is the President and CEO of United Professionals. For the past 23 years he has been coaching some of the top names and largest schools in the industry. He has appeared in numerous publications, interviews, articles and is the author of the "Silva Solution building Black Belts From The Inside Out". He is the real deal in Kenpo earning a 6th degree from Kenpo founder Ed Parker.

Greg Silva is the founder of the first kids curriculum the "Universal System" now taught all over the world. After Mr. Silva created the first mega school, East West Karate with over 1300 active students he dedicated his work to helping others create a solid business career doing what they loved, martial arts. His list of clients is like a Who's Who in Marital Arts. Mr Silva will not only help co-host the Champion Unite 2013 event but will also be our opening speaker.





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