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Michael Parella

Confessions of a School Owner Who Consistently Gets 100+ Enrollments Per Month.

While spending only dollars a day on advertising.

Michael Parrella has revolutionized our industry in the past 4 years. He’s developed online marketing systems that are so powerful, they literally bring him 100+ enrollments per month - in 3 locations - totaling 300+ enrollments per month altogether.

And his companies, FC Online Marketing and, generate hundreds of thousands of enrollments for schools worldwide.

But it’s not just his online marketing systems that make him so successful. He’s a master at every level of running a martial arts business, from how to treat students, to how to generate referrals and retention, to even interior design “tricks” that actually bring in more new enrollments.

In this year’s Champions Unite 2013, Michael is holding back nothing.

He’ll share everything he’s doing right now to completely crush the competition online, generate massive amounts of new students, and keep them for life.

One more thing: Michael only spends 2-3 hours per week working on his school.

It sounds impossible, but Michael is helping hundreds of schools worldwide achieve similar results. To find out his secrets, attend this year’s Champions Unite conference.





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