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Paul Garcia

There are a lot of systems out there and a lot of get rich quick schemes of marketing but they all have the same problem. Lack of a strong foundation.

There is a big need for simple, but very effective, cutting edge training modules that help you become more effective, more efficient and more profitable but at the same time focuses on building and maintaining a strong foundation.

The information I will share at the Champions Unite 2013 event comes from 20 years of experience in working for, and with, some of our industries top professionals. As the former Vice President, and Senior Consultant for United Professionals one of the world's largest Martial Arts consulting, marketing and management companies, I've had the unique experience of working hands on with hundreds of Martial Art schools. I've also had the unique experience of running one of the countries largest Martial Arts schools, as well as managing six of my own.

During this time, I had been exposed to countless business and school management systems, both business systems that worked, and those that didn't. From this experience I have been able to streamline, and create many of our school management modules that are literally helping hundreds of schools across the country.

This year I will be sharing some important leadership points that you and your staff will share. These are based on the TRUST system and will help your team impact your comm unity like you never had before.





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